Things to Avoid When Traveling to Europe

Europe offers a nearly endless array of attractions, destinations, and cities to visit during your stay. There is so much that you cannot possibly hope to see everything in one trip unless you plan to spend months abroad.

If it is your first time traveling to Europe, there are a number of mistakes that you can make that can put a bit of a damp on your trip. The good thing is that these are entirely avoidable mistakes that can make you feel like a savvy traveler.

Don’t Take Cabs

While cabs can get you directly to your destination, they are pricey and can add a nice chunk of change to your travel bill. Unless you are prepared to spend money on cab fees, you should avoid them at all costs.

The public transportation available in most major European cities is very reliable and you can see far more of the countries than you would with a cab. Not only that, it’s far more cost-effective to take public transportation everywhere. The choice is yours, but public transportation in Europe is definitely worth using.

Plan for Eating Out

Hitting the hottest restaurants in these European destinations is all fine and well but if you fly by the seat of your pants, you run the risk of huge wait times and could spend more of your time waiting than actually eating.

If you want to hit local hot spots, reservations are key and a separate meal itinerary is important. Don’t lose huge chunks of time to wait times unless you already know to expect it.

Don’t Bring a Ton of Cash

Have some cash on you – it’s always a good thing to have cash – but you don’t have to have all of your cash on you anymore these days. You run the risk of losing your wallet or having it stolen and then you have nothing for the rest of the trip.

Most establishments in Europe take credit cards these days and there are plenty of cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees. Cards give you greater flexibility and in the event that you lose your wallet, you can call to have the cards turned off almost immediately. This way, you don’t actually lose your money like you would if you had all of your cash on you. Cards are much safer for traveling.

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