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Funny story – every single person whom I’m acquainted with on this planet always addresses me by my complete name and surname, Elliot Loisirs! I can never get used it, but I thought it was something I could take and run with.

Sometimes I do indeed become conscious of this fact that I’m addressed by my full name, so I ask every now and again why they do it and I repeatedly get the same answer. “It just sounds like the name of a well-known, public figure, like a celebrity,” they like to say. Of course my parents and siblings simply call me by my first name and they don’t even say it all out – Elly…

So yeah, while I’m no celebrity or anything of the sort, I thought I’d just use what I clearly have going for me. I proceeded to have a very simple logo created, but that was just going to be for my blog and boy did I seem to add fuel to some fire I still don’t have the full bearing of!

“Are you a fashion designer/model?” is a question I get rather frequently now, and in some way I wish I could say I was, but I’m happy to report being a mere blogger. There is just a lot less pressure that way and I can remain true to myself and give of myself authentically, without having to sell out in order to get my next pay cheque!

Destined to help others

So I did kind of try to follow what appeared to be a path mapped out for me by the universe, so I enrolled for a fashion design course instead of pursuing a college degree, only to switch fields when I discovered that although my calling was indeed in design, it was in Interior Design as opposed to a narrow focus on fashion design.

The bit about fashion, which granted is now a major part of my life, actually comes quite naturally to me. That’s why I now earn my living in the fashion industry, with my bread and butter being image consulting. That all started out with just one friend of mine who was getting married really young and so she sort of casually consulted with me on the attire for the entire official wedding party, including myself of course as one of the bridesmaids, and before I actually realised what was going on she promised to compensate me for my hard work.

I was expecting nothing of it really, because as much as it was indeed some hard work sourcing tailors, seamstresses, etc, I truly enjoyed it. Later my friend wrote me a rather hefty check and asked me to retrospectively create an invoice for the work completed and the rather generous amount of money she essentially paid me for my services, and I knew right then and there that I actually have something of a consulting business on my hands!

Referrals started pouring in after that and it all happened a bit too quickly, so much so that I had to quit my regular job as an interior designer and go full-time on the consulting.

The blog

So in the same manner as I approach my image consulting business, with my blog I decided not to separate my name from the platform. I believe that this way I can always ensure to deliver only the best in my services and in the information I share, because my name is attached to it, you see?!

So, what can you expect to find each time you visit EliottLoisirs.com?

Basically this is just a platform over which I will be sharing some useful content readers can use to enhance their lives, in the major areas that come together to make up the typical lifestyle of someone trying to make their way in the world, post millennium.

So there will definitely be lots of content about fashion, particularly from the point of view of a professional who is active in the image consultancy field, but you will also find useful and valuable content that covers pretty much all the topics that surround a fashionista. So if it’s info on health and fitness you’re looking for, this is the platform over which you’ll find it, so too if you’re looking for inspiration from nature, travel, entertainment, etc.

Hope to see you soon!

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