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It’s quite ironic how the spark to get into the best shape of my life was ignited while on a trip abroad, which as you know usually makes things go the other way – when you’re travelling it’s very difficult to eat right and get the amount of exercise you can be satisfied with, if you can get any exercise at all. So what happened was we were “hiding out” in a hostel for just one night because we couldn’t find any other place of accommodation at the ungodly hour our delayed flight had landed on.

It was quite the scene –imagine having to get a whole family settled into a few single bunk-beds at a hostel which was clearly not designed to house adults travelling with children, but we made it work. Plus it was only for one night, so all’s good…

Anyway, a young Peruvian guy started chatting to us, telling us all about his interesting job of selling a DNA testing service, through which the Russian company he does the promotions for analyses the subject’s DNA and then collaborates with a fitness instructor and nutritionist to come up with the best eating plan and exercise regime to meet the specific health and fitness goals that subject would have. Some mega interesting stuff; that’s how I kick-started this health and fitness regime I’m currently one.

I’ve never felt better in all my life, and this includes a comparison to the time when the body was just a mean machine – back when I was a teenager and I could very easily recover from a night of all the excesses that came with heavy partying!

So my point is that my health and fitness regime is a custom one, tailored to my body type and genetic predispositions.

I think that’s how it should be for everyone. Yes, there are indeed some general health and fitness terraces which serve as somewhat of a universal path to pursue when you have certain health and fitness goals, for example if you want to build up muscle endurance then you lift weights that are not so heavy, focussing more on completing as many repetitions as possible. If you wanted to be a beefcake on the other hand, for example (this applies more to the lads, I guess), then you would focus on a protein-rich diet to build muscle, while your resistance (weight training) regime would entail lifting heavier weights and focussing more on the burning challenge that would give to the muscles you want to grow.

Me? I just want to continue feeling as good as I currently do, so it’s about being able to get through life without the constraints put on the body by one which is unfit. So I do some running and other cardio so that I’m never out of breath when I find myself in situations which have me elevating my activity levels, I do some strategic weight training with kettle bells and dumbbells so that I can easily move stuff around when I need to, and I try to eat the kind of food which sees me having a regular bowel movement as an indication of a body that is making good use of the nutrients it’s getting via the food I eat.

So for anyone else who wants to get into the best shape of their lives, I would recommend first determining your health and fitness goals, then taking the trouble to get your genetic analysis done. After that you can then sit down or collaborate with in another way, a nutritionist and a personal trainer to tailor a specific eating and exercise plan for you.

The best thing about this approach is that you will discover some genetic advantages you may have, such as how some people naturally have a high metabolism, in which case they’d need to approach something like a muscle-mass building regime differently to someone who has a normal metabolic rate.

The same is true for any defective genetic predispositions you may have, such as how it would be utterly useless to try bulking up if your body type is that of an ectomporph’s and you’re not eating enough to create a surplus of calories as required to facilitate muscle growth.

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