My Go-To Nature Retreats

Despite what my fixation and career built around fashion and the glam industry may suggest, I believe that the best source from whence to get some good grounding is and always will be nature its purest form possible! There is always some or other way of connecting or reconnecting with nature to re-align anything that may have been whacked out of sorts with regards to both your physical and mental health, as well as your spirituality. I have a list of some of my favourite nature retreats which never disappoint in reawakening the healing and growth power we all naturally possess within us.

Yoga & meditation in the forest

You can essentially find a yoga class within a one-mile radius of your home or workplace if you wanted to and you wouldn’t have to look that hard either. For the full experience which goes beyond just a commercial transaction however, I like to go on a yoga retreat in the forest, or a meditation retreat for that matter. There’s something about being in the forest, whether it’s raining or if it’s a sunny day.

It’s just much more effective – you truly feel the impact of what you’re doing with your body. I must be honest and say that the best of these are in some of the Southeast Asian countries, like in the north of Thailand, where there are some forests which are reported to have around 20% of all plant life species in the entire world!

Glamping or camping in the woods

I guess I will always prefer a bit of luxury over the basics of human life sustenance, so I always go one-up on camping in the woods and rather choose to go glamping, which is nothing more than a posh iteration of camping. You basically have all the luxuries of modern life right there with you, with the location and setting making for a nice change in scenery. You’re still closer to nature in this way.

Detoxing in the forest

Doing a detox in the forest is about more than just drinking something like apple cider vinegar and cleaning out your insides. You get a mental detox as well, which is naturally induced by quite a bit of meditation and becoming one with the natural world, if only for just a little while.

Contemplation at the rocky beach

I don’t care who you are – if you find yourself standing at the edge of the world, surrounded by the big boulders characteristic of a rocky beach, you inevitably kick into contemplation mode. This is how some of the best ideas are conceived and visiting the rocky beach is definitely one of my favourite go-to nature retreats. Naturally this is usually just a day-trip, but I always make sure to bring my notepad and pencil along, because you just never know what brilliant idea will inevitably hit you.

Barbeque in the mountains

If I could I’d always have this particular experience in the mountain running along a few South American countries –The Andes. That’s where I would say this experience is the most authentic since it’s a lifestyle and not just something to be enjoyed once in a while. It’s the way of the Gauchos, but any mountain will do for a barbeque, as more of a symbolic ritual to appreciate life and appreciate food from a different perspective.

Fisherman’s lunch out at sea

This is the freshest fish you can eat, cooked on the boat – some of which is chemically cooked with lemon juice. But yeah, going out to sea I guess can be said to be a natural experience of the ocean and all which it has to offer, otherwise how else can one experience it naturally?

These guys work hard, both with and against the mega forces of Mother Nature and it’s just beautiful!

Seaside massage

Go to some of the Southeast Asian countries and an hour-long massage costs a lot less than it does anywhere else, with the beach massage making for one or my favourites of all time, since it incorporates that element of the natural experience into it. All inhibition is momentarily lost as you strip down to your undies out in the open, and get massaged by some professionals.

It’s nice not to have to worry about what I’m wearing for that hour or so…


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