Why I Love Fashion

You just know you’re totally killing it when a 74-year-old businessman who kits out in nothing but those free, sponsored t-shirts bearing some or other logo or slogan commends you on your dress sense, using some really charming words like “dashing”, “ravishing”, and “smashing!” I must say that I always look forward to his comments, because if I can get it right in the eyes of a person who otherwise has absolutely no interest in fashion, then it means I’m onto something good.

There are many more reasons why I love fashion though and as you’ll come to see, they’re not all indicatively shallow as one would expect of a fashion-lover.

It has afforded me the opportunity to build a career

If it wasn’t for fashion, I would probably be stuck in the corporate world, slaving away in some office somewhere, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’d look, as the 74-year-old self-made man says, SMASHING! The point is because of the urge to look our best using nothing more than what is a basic need of human life, clothing ourselves, I am able to bring home the bacon having put in a hard day’s work I am only happy to!

Fashion has indeed afforded me the opportunity to build a career, which is great because many people think it’s as easy as mixing and matching outfits. It goes a lot deeper than that, especially when we discuss aspects of fashion such as power-dressing or dressing up for a job interview, for example.

It’s a form of art and expression

I sometimes drive to the very brink of the suburbs just so that I can walk into the local street-culture region which has unofficially popped up in recent years. In addition to the beautiful and often thought-provoking graffiti, you can spot some artists whose paint brush is the clothes they wear. In this way, fashion is a form of art and expression which gives many artists of a different kind a canvas on which to express their inner-artistic sides.

It never “ends”

We might appear to be retracting into some shallowness again here, but that’s essentially what drives the fashion industry – trends. Fashion never “ends,” with new trends popping up as quickly as their predecessors took hold of the mainstream fashion scene. What’s very interesting to note however is that fashion trends tend to recycle themselves, with a newer iteration of what once was popping up all over again, once in a while.

The most interesting bit about the latest trends for me is a new frontier we seem to be hitting, which is that of individualism. Everybody who is trend-conscious sort of tries to put their own spin on the latest trends, which is great because it promotes individual expression in a world where too many things are the same or similar.

It is a creator of many parallel opportunities

Fashion bloggers wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for fashion, but there are so many other industries which exist as a result, such as fashion photography, a huge chunk of the web design industry, and even the design and manufacturing side of the actual fashion items.

Keep in mind that fashion isn’t just clothing…

It teaches us a lot about others and ourselves

Again, we might appear to be sinking back into the shallowness which is commonly associated with fashion, but it is indeed only apparent shallowness. The time you take to make a decision about what you’re going to wear on a certain day or to a certain event says a lot about who you are and the way you turn out is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside your heart and mind. It is indeed fashion which is a conduit of that all-important first impression.

A very accessible feel-good factor

Getting up and out of bed when you feel like a pile of dog-business can be a process which is galvanised by the right outfit, inducing a feel-good factor that is essentially always accessible to you. I’m sure you’ve heard phrases such as “dressed to kill” thrown about? There’s a lot more to it than just some clichés – how you present yourself to the world draws on a very powerful psychological factor you can take full advantage of whenever the need for it arises.

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