How Dogs Interpret Your Body Language– A Guideline On Behaving Around Strange Dogs

If you are a dog lover, you may become excited whenever you see a dog, whether it be your own pet or a strange dog on the streets. While you may only have good intentions for the dog and want to pet them, the animal may interpret your body language differently than you intend them to. It is important to understand what the right and wrong move is.

Animal experts have a great deal of knowledge about how a dog thinks of you when you approach them, but you may not. Dogs are equipped with their own thoughts, emotions, and interpretations. They may entirely mistake your friendliness for something else and attack or bite you. Some dogs are just aggressive by habit due to their owner’s cruelty or neglect. So you may be entitled to compensation if someone else’s dog has bitten you. A lawyer from Firma Dominguez may be able to help you get it. In essence, dog bites are a type of personal injury matter that are a common occurrence and while very treatable, can cause a lot of hurt.

Eye contact with a dog

When you see a dog, you might want to make eye contact with it. Eye contact is a way of greeting and forming a bond with someone. However, in a dog’s world, eye contact may appear like a threat or a challenge to a fight. Dog experts know that the right way to approach a dog is soft eye contact or no eye contact at all.

When approaching a dog you do not know, or if the dog seems wary of you, try looking at their side or tail instead of directly into their eyes. Once the dog becomes comfortable, start soft eye contact and let the dog come to you.

Human movements and dogs

Dogs and many other pets are highly attuned to human movements, especially when they perceive unfamiliar or unpredictable actions. Even if it’s their owner, sudden or erratic gestures can make them uneasy and potentially defensive. This can be particularly true during activities like bathing, where dogs may become agitated and react defensively. That’s why many people opt for the expertise of professional Dog Grooming services to ensure their pets are groomed safely and comfortably. Experienced dog groomers are well-trained in handling nervous or agitated dogs, making the grooming process much smoother and safer. Certain aggressive dogs that are not controlled may even bite you, which could put the owner at fault. It’s best to contact a dog bite lawyer in such a situation and let them help you with the path forward, as the dog may present a danger to the general public.

When you see a stranger dog you wish to pet, approach them slowly and calmly instead of running to touch them. However, it should be a general rule to avoid dogs you do not know. If an unfamiliar dog approaches you, allow the animal to examine you before you pet them. If it belongs to someone else and bites you, then you may be able to sue them. Click here to learn more.

If you are not a dog expert, you may not know how to pet or approach a dog. However, if you get bitten by a strange dog, you may be able to recover compensation from the owner. Speak to an attorney today.